Sometimes I feel that I'm nothing like a Leo. I'm shy, introverted, private, and I like the element of water, not fire. The planet Sun, well I’m a morning person and it creates warmth, radiance and some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, so it suites me probably better than the moon, even though I love to watch the twinkling stars in the heavens. My gemstone, well I would prefer it to be an opal or a diamond over a peridot, because they show a ray of colors. When asked what my favorite colors was as a child, it was the rainbow, bright or pastel, it didn’t matter, I really couldn’t choose one color over the other. I also find that my greatest fear is tornados-I dislike strong winds, maybe it's because a strong wind can blow out a flame or dry up a pool of water, whichever the case, so much for being brave. Fire may not be my favorite element, but I do like to collect candles - but I don't usually burn them unless there’s a bad storm.  I like animals and have a soon to be one year old puppy, his name is Simba. I also like fish, any of the ones with the fancy tails. I own a fish tank, and listen to the water running through the water filter, which has a nice calming effect. I’ll sit in front of my fish tank and watch my fish (they’re Molly’s) like one would watch a television show. Nevertheless, I do like to help, encourage and inspire others - guess leadership is a part of me. If you where to asks any of my professor, or pervious employers about me, they would tell you that I’m a very dedicated person, guess that’s like being loyal. Well, at least some of me matches my astrological sign and not all of it is opposite to it. 

Some of my passions are arts and crafts, writing stories, gardening, baking, and studying the benefits of plants (natural medicine). I also enjoy being outdoors in the springtime when everything is new, and in the fall when leaves have changed their colors. The feeling of the warm sun on my skin and gentle cold breeze that cools you, those are my favorite times of year. I also like the snow when it’s light and fluffy and sparkles like diamonds in the sunlight, or covers the barren tree branches, so they're lushes and more interesting to look at. Even when the snow melts and makes small icicles hanging from the pine trees, it warms my heart. My favorite sport like activities are swimming on a hot summer day and playing hoops with my family at the YMCA. Besides that, I just love spending time with my family and learning fun new things!  

Talking about new things - I'm trying to come out and see the world, (being bold) but the world is changing, it's becoming more introverted, as it goes more online. I've decided to take advantage of this, in that, maybe I too should meet the world one step at a time through the use of going online, which maybe more easier for me than going out and meeting my neighbor right next door.

Hello, my name is Heidi, and this is a part of my story. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved children’s books. Books can be so magical; they can take you away on many different adventures and teach you life’s lessons along the way - sometimes without the reader even realizing it, until later on in life. 

As a child I had always enjoyed working with paper, ah just the smell of it and the softness of new paper, I just had to have some, even if at the time I didn’t have anything in mind to do with it. I was curious about everything and wanted to learn about everything. Art had become a passion of mine, without me even knowing it - from kindergarten days of finger-painting to after school days of oil painting lessons. I was always finding a way to create and invent new things. Sadly, my mother’s fear of believing that there’s no way to make any money in art or for that matter a future in it, hindered me from pursuing a career in art. It was because of this that my ambitions for art slowed to a near halt. My mother instead had made the suggestion to go into the medical field and become a Dr. maybe one that delivers babies - an OBGYN or a nurse. 

So I gave it a try and used my high school elective classes to learn medical terminology and went to work as a home health aid and personal care assistant, while also volunteering at the local hospital. While volunteering at the hospital, I had the unique opportunity to discover that seeing people in pain wasn’t for me. A nice benefit before I spending years in college studying a field that really didn’t suite me. So shortly after high school I let the medical field and went into retail. I would spent the next ten years of my life working in retail job, trying to discover what I wanted to go to college for and do for the rest of my life.

Then, one day later in life, I realized the world was changing and becoming more technology advance, than I had been in working retail, so I decided to update my computer skills and take some courses. As I was learning PowerPoint in the class, and playing around with the animation to learn about the different effects it could do - I soon noticed that it had reawaken something inside of me again, my love for art. It was like I just woke up and had realized that my passion for children’s book was more than just the story that was within the book, it was the illustration within the stories. When I returned home I began writing. I would write until I had writers’ cramps and even then some, I couldn’t stop - I didn’t want to stop. I would create storybook characters and before long, I was writing their story, but I felt I needed some help. So, I talked to my PowerPoint instructor about how I enjoyed the things we were doing in class with the animation and that I wanted to take it further. She told me to do some research online and to take a look at multi-media, so I did. The more I researched, the more I learned, and the more I began to feel frustrated and yet amazed. I wondered how could my mother have been so wrong, there are lots of careers choices out there that an artist can do while make money doing it. It wasn’t long and I realized where I wanted to go, art school. So, with that I picked out my new career and the college that I was going to start my next adventure on, packed up and moved.

College Life:

Art school became the perfect place for me to learn how to make stories come to life and not just any story, but mine as well. While I was at art school, I learned that anyone can learn how to draw with instruction, but not everyone shares the same passion, creativity and imagination, everyone has a unique style to them - a reflected to that like that of a signature. Some signatures are stunning while others are illegible. As you will see within my portfolio, my passion for art runs deep and being creative with art and helping other to aspire to achieve success, is what I desire most.

After finishing art school with an associate degree in communicating arts, I still yearned to learn more, about different things, so I made the decision to continue my education knowledge and pursue a bachelor degree in business management. Through this process I came across marketing and learned that marketing was yet another avenue that worked with communicating arts through advertising, as well. I then made the decision instead of switching my major with only a year left to go, that I would instead add a minor in marketing.

Please consider working together with me on your next project adventure.