First. Ask, "What do I do best?"

Second. Have a plan, it helps. Both long-term and short-term.

Third. Take the time to Think about it - it's ok to say, “I’ll call you back.”

Forth. Know the value of your art work.

Fifth. Do your homework and get to know the company you plan to work for. 

Sixth. Find a company that treats you well, with the right culture fit.

Seventh.  It’s OK to do some jobs at a discount in an effort to gain some experience for a job later.

Eighth. Make a wise decision, for that first job you take will determines your pay rate for the rest of your career. 


 A true friend won’t judge you; they’ll listen & encourage you.

It takes six people around you to have wholeness.

Live like you care. Better yet, just care it’s easier.

Remember your values, they make you who you are.

Find people that are good for you. I once read one of the best way you can grow is by surrounding yourself with people that you want to be like.

To have a friend, is to be a friend.

Get advice from people that you trust & have been there before.

Know when to give people grace & help them.

Keep things balanced.

Spend more time with family, than on your work. Family is more valuable. Work comes and goes.    

Sometimes I run into, well a creative block - kind of like writers block- and I need to find something to help me re-spark that creative outlet again. So I decided to come up with some ideas that will help out within these difficult moments. 
#1. Take a walk along a new path, with your camera or sketchpad.
#2. Read something new and inspirational. 
#3. Re-visit some old ideas and renew them into something spectacular.
#4. Doodle a line with your eyes closed then open your eyes and make something out of it. 
#5. Open up any book and touch the first word you see, then try to make it into something you can use: a poem, rhyme, song, story, drawing.
#6.  Sign up for a community art class and learn something new from another artist.
#7. Try to view an everyday item as something you'd reinvent into something futuristic.
#8. Take two items or words and combine them into something new.
#9. Watch something that makes you laugh - you may just need to enjoy yourself.
#10. Take a mini vacation someplace either inspiring or dull. (If it's dull you maybe inspired as to how you can spice it up)
#11. Try something fun that you haven't done before, like a hot air balloon ride. You'll get a whole new perspective on things. 
#12. Visit with others. It's amazing how brainstorming ideas can be so uplifting.