Sometimes I run into, well a creative block - kind of like writers block- and I need to find something to help me re-spark that creative outlet again. So I decided to come up with some ideas that will help out within these difficult moments. 
#1. Take a walk along a new path, with your camera or sketchpad.
#2. Read something new and inspirational. 
#3. Re-visit some old ideas and renew them into something spectacular.
#4. Doodle a line with your eyes closed then open your eyes and make something out of it. 
#5. Open up any book and touch the first word you see, then try to make it into something you can use: a poem, rhyme, song, story, drawing.
#6.  Sign up for a community art class and learn something new from another artist.
#7. Try to view an everyday item as something you'd reinvent into something futuristic.
#8. Take two items or words and combine them into something new.
#9. Watch something that makes you laugh - you may just need to enjoy yourself.
#10. Take a mini vacation someplace either inspiring or dull. (If it's dull you maybe inspired as to how you can spice it up)
#11. Try something fun that you haven't done before, like a hot air balloon ride. You'll get a whole new perspective on things. 
#12. Visit with others. It's amazing how brainstorming ideas can be so uplifting.

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