About this time of year I usually go out and get a haircut. Maybe it’s because of the weather, which is so hard on my hair, or maybe it is just time for a change, whichever the case is this year’s haircut hit extreme. It all started with the dry weather and the need to wear sweaters due to the extreme cold. The combination of the two just made knots - big bad ones too. You know the kind that is in the back of the neck and hurts like the dickens to get it out. Well, this time I had enough. I looked through some haircut ideas and found a few that I liked and asked my husband for his thoughts as to which ones he thought might be nice on me. We agreed on a few haircuts. Then made the decided to try out somewhere new.

As I sat in the chair the beautician asked me what kind of hairstyle I was interested in. I pulled out my iPhone and showed the beautician a few of the haircuts selected and asked her opinion as to which one she thought would be best for my face shape. She really didn’t help me any, so I told her that I wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love. She said, “Ok, but we’ll need at least 7 inches cut off in a rubber band.” “Ok,” I said, “but I want my hair to still touch my shoulders.” She began measuring it out. I had more than 7 inches for her to cut off – 9, 10, she was still counting. 7 inches would put my hair well below shoulder length still. “Perfect!” I thought. “Well,” she asked, “How do you like it?” I told her I needed my glasses to see it, as I put them on, I was speechless. “Do you like it?” she asked again. As I looked in the mirror my hair was the shortest that it has ever been, cut up to right below my ears, how did that happen, I wondered. What was I going to say, “No! I hate it, cut more off!” or “Glue it back on PLEASE!” So, I just told her that it was the shortest that it’s ever been and that it would take some getting use to. As I went to go pay for my haircut, she told me that I didn’t have to pay - it was free. “FREE?” I asked. “Yes, when you donate to Locks of Love, it’s free! But you need to fill out this form so they can send you out a thank you letter.” Can you guess what my husband said to me when I got back in the car? He said, “Oh my God, it’s a lot shorter than I expected!  What happened?” I told him that I donated my hair to Locks of Love, and then he said, “I’m so used to you with long beautiful hair, this is going to take some time to get used to!” I smiled at him and told him it will grow back, in the meantime I gave someone else an opportunity to feel beautiful again, with long beautiful hair!

2/13/2013 08:44:36

First off, that was very-very nice of you to do. What a stand-up thing. As I was reading your story, I was waiting for it...I could tell there was a build up going on, haha. Obviously I'm a guy, but I've had bad haircuts before. One time I went to Fantastic Sams and they chopped my hair like it was going out of style. I was so angry when I left that I called the mananager. They ended up sending me out a gift card which was worth about three haircuts. You did a great think, but I think I would avoid that place again.


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