It was an unusually warm, late autumn morning at Oak Cove.  Word was going around about a very important meeting to be held at the Great Oak Tree.

“Flaira, is it just me or does the weather seem a bit odd lately?” asked Sparkle.

 “Well, now that you mention it,” replied Flaira, “The weather does seem a bit warmer than it usually is, and I just love warmer weather!  I wonder if that’s why they’re calling a meeting today?”

“There’s a meeting today?” asked Sparkle.

“Yes,” replied Flaira, “Didn’t you hear?  It’s today when the sun rises in the sky and the bottom still touches the earth.”

“Oh, no I didn’t hear, I’ve been very busy lately!” replied Sparkle,  “Thank the magicness I have such a good friend like you Flaira!  Look, it’s almost that time now, we better get going!  Come on Flaira I’ll race you there!”

Soon, the two friends were at the Great Oak Tree.

“Look at all the other fairies already here!” said Sparkle.

As Flaira and Sparkle looked around the Great Oak Tree, not only did they see many other fairies, but other magical creatures as well. With so many other magical creatures there, Flaira and Sparkle looked at each other.

“It must be something very serious to have called everyone magical here,” Sparkle said to Flaira. “Come on, let’s see if we can find out anything!”

However, it seemed that everyone there was doing the same thing, they were talking and asking around to see if anyone else might know what the meeting could be about.

“Please, please quiet down everyone!” came a voice, but there was so much talking amongst everyone that no one had heard Zemm speaking.  Zemm, who was one of the council members, had a little round belly, with rosy pink cheeks and jet black eyes, his hair matched the silvery trim on his white robe that he was dressed in, he placed his hands into the air and out came a blast of bright light with a loud boom, which had surprised everyone into silence.

“Don’t be alarmed!” Zemm called out to them.  “Now that everyone is quiet, let’s begin.  Some of you may already know why it is that you have been asked to come here, but for those of you who don’t know, Jack Frost is missing!”

Everyone started to talk again amongst themselves, whispering things like…“How can that be?”, “I can’t believe it!”, and “What are we going to do?”

Zemm placed his hands into the air once more.  “Please…Please!” he continued “will everyone just calm down!  We, the council and I, have called this meeting to find out what may have happened to him.  We hope to discover this through the help of some volunteer scouts.  Now we’re asking that they find out what they can and report it back to us, and if need be, to let us know if there is any need for any further assistance.  This task is not to be taken lightly!  So I ask now, do we have any volunteers? Please come forward.”

But only a very few had stepped forward and Zemm wasn’t sure that they had the right type of skills set needed for the jounery as scout, so having realized this, he decided that this was going to need some pep talking.  So, Zemm began by saying “For those of you that are willing to go on this journey, you could very well end up having an adventure of a life time, and stories told about you for generations to come!”

Just then, Flaira carefully flew through the crowd of the others who had began stepping forward and had asked, “Please!  Please! My I go?”

Sparkle, seeing her best friend come forward, thought it only fair to fly by her best friend’s side, and flew up right beside her. “Me too,” gasped Sparkle, out-of-breath, “om, sir!”

Zemm, seeing Flaira’s and Sparkle’s determination, felt that they would have the determination needed to make good scouts for the journey, however though, it would only be fair to talk it over with the other council members first. “If everyone could just wait here quietly please, while I seek advice from the other council members and then I’ll be right back!”, and off he went with to discuss things with the other Council Members. 


I'm curious about this post. Is this a story that you are working on? It seems like an interesting concept. As a creative writing major, I would like to hear more about it and give you my feedback, if you'd like.


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