Believe in your workers skills and talents they bring, it will help you to succeed. Take pride in all you do, in doing so, other will follow. Start with small change and involve team member in the process and remember change takes time. Be honest, accessible, considerate, and fair; by always meaning what you say will help to build a trusting relationship with others - in which will make it easier to empower or delegate to them when the time arises. Be clear in your directions and allow others to join in – this will give a feeling of belonging and empowerment that will continue to grow, along with a supportive, encouraging environment.  Listen and provide feedback often, also take it, so you too can learn and grow from it. Rewards members for their accomplishments, even the little ones can lead to greater successes in the future. Remember encouragement helps us know were on the right track and eventually little strides will lead to bigger ones. 

3/29/2013 07:53:52 am

I like your post; thanks! This just reminds me, as you mention to take pride in the work you do. Sometimes I am guilty of not giving myself credit when it's deserved. I'm not sure if I just push myslef too hard, or if maybe I'm always looking at the next thing I need to do. I have a big problem where I don't stop and just enjoy the moment and the things I have....I realize this is not a good way to live.


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