Leadership to me is best defined as someone that inspires you to achieve greatness, through clear communication, understanding, flexibility, listening, implementation action, and continuous positive feedback. My goal as a leader is to be a participative leader that ask questions, when I don't know the answer (to be humble). To stand my ground when I know that the change occurring will be an improvement. To be flexible and listen to others, while giving them an opportunity to have a say, act on it, and thank them for their idea. I'll try to do my best to communicating things clearly and passionately to each employee's unique personality with timely feedback, so they in return can make well-informed decisions. To help others in identifying, recognizing, developing and growing their skills, so they can reach their full potentials. I'll make ethical sound decisions that I can feel proud of. I will also plan to continue to learn, grow and adapt my skills, so I too can grow to my full potentials.  
3/1/2013 09:20:33 am

Great post. There is one thing that really stands out to me, and that is communication and feedback. I am very glad you mentioned that becuase above all I think that makes for a great leader. My currently company lacks in that area. Not so much my direct report manager, but the upper level management. If they would just increase feedback to the company, moral would grow by leaps and bounds.

Steph A
3/2/2013 11:40:42 am

Ah, you must be taking Deb Buerkley's class on Leadership. I LOVED this class, you will learn so much about yourself and in the end when your leadership portfolio is complete, it is interesting to look back on how your thought process developed through the semester. Best of luck to you and your mission to becoming a great leader. You certainly have it well planned out with great points in recognizing what it means to lead.
Steph A.


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