Today we live in a very technology based world where often we find ourselves doing multiple things at once. For example: we will work on a school assignment while listening to tunes, surfing the web, and talking to our friends on Skype. Through all of this multitasking, how much of it are we just hearing vs. listening to? According to stats studies, the mind is compatible of listening to 800 words per minute, yet we only speak at about 120 to 190 words per minute - it’s no wonder why we feel the need to multitask. Plus, most of us learn best visually - which would explain why a person’s body language makes up for 80% of the conversation. It’s also why good descriptive stories stick with most of us so well - they paint a picture in our minds. So, while our eyes are reading a person’s body language, our ears are supposed to be listening to the remaining information being presented. The problem, however, is that our minds start to wonder - it needs more data to fill the remaining gaps. As innovate technology continue to expand, it seems so do our needs and capabilities at keep up and learn things faster, because technology is providing it to us at greater speeds than ever before making it easier to fill those gaps.

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