The benefit of self-disclosure is unique to each individual, by how much they are willing to share about their self to others. The more we are willing to share, the more positive benefits we can enjoy. By sharing information about ourselves we help to create a more unified work environment by strengthening the team. This is because are team members will now have a better understanding of your weakness and strengths. Another benefit is that it is also a stress reducer. By sharing our frustrations with others we are often given an added perspective of viewing something differently, through a different perspective, often in a way we may not have thought of before; this in return can enhance our relationships. Sharing this type of information does not need to be very personal; there is a thing as sharing too much information(TMI), which can create problems. By trusting the person who we are giving the information to and how much information to release, one can help to eliminate the risks that comes with self-disclosure of information about ones self. Some of the questions relating to the risks could be can this information be used against you in your yearly work evaluations. Could the information you share be revealed to someone it was not intend for. You might even be judged in an unfair way. Yet, the benefits do out weight the cons. One should still be cautious until trust is gained and even then keep it to a professional status at work with a need’s to know basis and the personal stuff for your Doctor or Psychologist. 

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